Clients think this about Sharon…

Sharon rocks! Sharon just helped me close on my first home in this upswing real estate market. If you've been shopping for a house in the beginning of 2013, you have probably heard of how crazy it is: multiple bids on old leaning shacks, cash offers, waiving all sorts of contingencies; it's a bear. Sharon worked with me to go over the process of home buying, then tirelessly scoured listings to find ones that suit my needs. We had looked at so many houses before finding THE one, but she honed in on the kinds of things I was looking for very early on. She's a lot of fun to shop for houses with, she pointed out when things weren't quite right either structurally or for me and didn't try to talk up every single house I saw.

She helped me negotiate a competitive offer that got me THE house, and she did such a great job selling me to the owners that the owners knew that they were selling the house someone will appreciate and take care of it as they did. 

Sharon is hard working, smart, and savvy. I can't recommend her enough.

I-Wei F.


Sharon was invaluable to my wife and I as we worked toward purchasing a new construction home. Over the course of 9 months (from reserving the house to close), she voiced our concerns and got our questions answered. She complained for us when we needed to complain, and ushered us through the entire ordeal to our complete satisfaction. She frequently checked in with us to make sure we didn't have any questions, and reminded us about anything we needed to take action on. When we were looking for the right house, she drove us around town with organized information sheets and a map leading us to each prospective home. After we had put a reservation on the house, she even pointed us toward a few more comparison homes for us to look at to ensure that we had found the right one (she cares!). What we liked most of all, though, was that Sharon contributed to the process by sharing our enthusiasm and making us feel as though we were on a true adventure (and I suppose we were) and that she was right there beside us, the whole way. Sharon frequently received comments from others involved in the process (the sellers and the mortgage person, to name a couple) indicating that she was very easy to work with, adding the icing to the cake; when you work with Sharon, everyone around you benefits. We were very grateful to have her on our team!

Aaron D.


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